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  • Marketing platform - Online and social media marketing was never so easy before!! An end-to-end solution for your online marketing!!

  • Data Platform - the unmatched data processing engine!! Only data platoform that handles unstructured data, images, audio & video!

  • Open Crawler - the ultimate source of Big Data!!



Admatic Data Platform

The ultimate big data platform, which is modular, pluggable, and could be easily integrated with scalable architecture, and that could process structured text, XML, JSON, semi-structured data and unstructured data such as images, audio & video etc. with no coding at all. Just Drag-and-drop workflow design. What are you waiting for?   MORE DETAILS

  • Easy to Customize

    Any one who has no technical knowledge of data analysis could use this tool. End results could be downloaded for later use or to feed into other tools. To store into other storage multiple DB connectors are present. This saves 80-90% of time compared to that of developers doing it from scratch by traditional methods.


    Faster processing and quicker end results of analysis of all that big data. Less time involved with on demand scalable dynamic infrastructure. All that with cheaper cost. What value would it bring to your business? You choose if you want to be a front running superhero of delivering solutions to customers.

Admatic Marketing Platform

Get your company's personal robot for online marketing !!!   MORE DETAILS

  • Measure ROI

    Getting the complete stats and return of investment made for the marketing activities on a simple dashboard is going to save your time to a great extent!

  • Save Cost

    Automating a major part of the marketing team, will reduce the need for more marketing personnel, and moreover the marketing automation tool delivers a consistent performance 24x7.


Open Crawler

Collective Intelligence Simplified ! A smart web crawler platform that can get the complete essence from any site.  MORE DETAILS

  • Easy to Customize

    Very minimal input to tell what info need to be crawled out. And leave the rest to the crawler. In a matter of time, info you requested will be ready to be downloaded. (Options to store them in any SQL/NoSQL Storage is available).

  • Legality

    Open crawler collects only the data that is available and open for public. Open crawler does not steal any private data. Open Crawler automates the entire process of data collection online, however complex the presentation of that data is!!

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